Handwritten Direct Mail Letters

Handwritten Direct Mail Letters

Starting At $1.69 Including Data Lists, Ad Copy, Tracking & Postage.

Scribe White Glove

So… Do I need Scribe White Glove, Or Scribe Nurture?

See for yourself below!

  1. Done For You Service: We will handle all aspects of your campaign from strategy, to creative, in 2-3 live strategy sessions.
  2. Data Farming: We will build your perfect lead list using hundreds of consumer, business, & property demographics.
  3. Pre-Proven Ad Copy: We will custom write you a menu of copy options, pre-optimized to convert at the highest response rates on first touch.
  4. Response Tracking & AB Testing.
  5. Custom Mail Pieces, designs, & Fonts. 
  6. For Bulk Campaigns & Lead Generation.
  7. Ranges from $1.49 – $1.99 Per Letter.

Is Scribe Nurture not what you need? Check out Scribe White Glove!

Industry Examples

  1. Real Estate
  2. Software Sales
  3.  Home Services (Roofing, Solar, Painting & More.)
  4. Cold Lead Generation
  5. Financial Service & Financial Planning
  6. Venture Capital & Private Equity
  7. Automotive Dealerships
  8. Insurance
  9. Business to Business Sales
  10. Anyone Who Needs To Break Through To A Cold Audience. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As a larger Ecommerce store, these have been a gamechanger for increasing our LTV, abandoned carts, and repeat customers... Not to mention getting review and locking in the clients relationship.”
James Nguyen
E Commerce Baby Apparel Store
“We've used Scribe for a few of our companies, and it's been bar far our most profitable outreach in 10 years. This worked amazing for the B2B software company & auto dealership I manage.”
Brian Cox
Traction Capital - Venture Capital Firm

Product Breakdown

Handwritten Letters, Envelopes, Postage, & Data Included.

  1. All packages include 5 x 7 Handwritten Envelopes, Folded Handwritten Letters, & Real Physical Stamps.
  2. Multiple envelope options, ability for added inserts, and custom card or mail piece dimensions. 
  3. Segmented Data Farming, Tracking Numbers, Optimized Ad-Copy, and all implementation is provided by Scribe. Our goal is to handle your marketing A – Z so you can focus on growing your business.
  4. Our AI-driven handwritten letters have over 20 different fonts, with 20 variations of each letter so no character looks the same. 100% Authentic!