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Hotels are always looking for ways to make their guests feel welcome and special. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of handwritten letters. These aren’t just any letters; they’re notes filled with warmth and care. Let’s explore how these letters can make a big difference in a guest’s stay:

  1. Hello Letters:

    • A Personal Welcome: Imagine walking into your hotel room and finding a handwritten letter just for you. It’s not just a generic welcome; it’s a personal touch that says, “We’re glad you’re here.”
    • Local Tips and Tricks: These letters can also give guests some inside info. Maybe there’s a hidden gem of a café nearby or a park that’s perfect for a morning walk. By sharing these tips, hotels show they care about the entire guest experience.
  2. Thank You Notes:

    • Gratitude Goes a Long Way: After a guest’s stay, receiving a handwritten thank you note can leave a lasting impression. It’s a small gesture that says, “We value you.”
    • A Reason to Return: These notes can also include special offers for the next visit. Maybe it’s a discount or a free breakfast. It’s a way to say, “Come back soon!”
  3. Birthday and Celebration Cards:

    • Making Special Days Even Better: If the hotel knows a guest is celebrating something, a handwritten card can add to the joy. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or another special day, it’s a way to celebrate together.
    • Little Extras: Along with the card, the hotel might offer a room upgrade, a dessert on the house, or even a bouquet of flowers. These surprises can make a guest’s day.
  4. Invitations to Local Events:

    • Join the Fun: Sometimes, there are fun events happening in town. A handwritten invitation can make guests feel included. It’s like the hotel is saying, “We want you to have the best time here.”
    • Being Part of the Community: This also helps guests feel connected to the local community. They get to experience the town or city like a local.
  5. Feedback Requests:

    • We Want to Hear From You: After a guest’s stay, a handwritten note asking for feedback shows that the hotel truly cares about improving. It’s a personal way to ask, “How did we do?”
    • Making Things Perfect: Guest feedback is gold. It helps hotels know what they’re doing right and where they can do even better.
  6. Tailored Deals and Offers:

    • Just for You: Every now and then, hotels can send out special deals in a handwritten note. It feels personal, like the deal was made just for that guest.
    • Exciting Reasons to Come Back: These offers can be anything from spa discounts to dinner deals. They give guests a reason to plan another visit.

In the end, handwritten letters in hotels are about more than just words on paper. They’re about connection, care, and making every guest feel like they’re the most important person in the building. It’s a simple touch, but it can turn a regular hotel stay into a memorable experience.

Scribe Nurture

What is Scribe Nurture vs. Scribe White Glove? 

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Use Cases

Client nurturing, prospect nurturing, cold outreach, post meeting thank you touch points, review requests, referral requests, upsells/ cross sells, meeting or event reminders, employee retention, client retention, abandoned online carts… and the list goes on

What Our Clients Are Saying

“These letters work, period. We send out about 5,000 letters per round and have been closing 3-5 deals per campaign. Our homeowners just love the personal touch, so it’s made the relationship start out on such a positive note! We are for sure going to keep scaling this.”
David M
Real Estate Broker
“Scribe’s campaigns are the only consistently profitable and trackable marketing we’ve been able to find for listings and off-market deals. On average for every $1 we spend we get $7 back, so we’re excited to use this to break into new areas and keep growing our team.”
Derek L
Real Estate Investor

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